I graduated from California Institute of the Arts college in Valencia, California in 1990 with a certificate of fine arts degree. Right out of college, I was picked up by Project X in Studio City to do character & prop designs for "Peter Pan and the Pirates" animated series. Soon after, I was doing storyboards for the show mentioned.

A year after, I started working for Colossal Pictures in San Francisco to do character designs & layouts for "Back to the Future" animated series for two seasons. I continued to work at Colossal for another four years animating on various projects which mostly consist of commercial ads that include Nike, Coke, & Pepsi, just to name a few.

In 1996, I was promoted to an animation director working for Curious Pictures, West Coast in San Francisco until the end of 1999. There, I animation directed a couple of shorts for the Cartoon Network, which includes, "Droopy- Thanks a Latte", and directed commercial ads. In between those projects, I was creating a couple of shorts for Curious' company reel, which I called "Catburglar". (Check it out in the "Animation" and "Frames" section of the menu to the left.) Unfortunately, it was never completed.

I then, went on to Wildbrain Inc, also in San Francisco, to animate on various commercial jobs including directing the animation for "Sony: Pass It On - 'Adventure' " spot in the year 2000. In the same year, I went to PDI / Dream Works in Palo Alto to do the 2D animation for a flash animated short called "Ron's Dream".

From there, I did storyboards on "Phantom Investigators" TV series at Wholesome Products, San Francisco in 2001 for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Culver City. Then, I took a month off to create my website portfolio, www.stewardlee.com.

In 2002, I storyboarded on "Jackie Chan Adventures" TV series also for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Towards the end of the year, I started doing storyboards on "James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing" game for Electronic Arts, Redwood City.

2003- I finally got around to creating my first self-published comic, "It Flows Like... Wataah! #01". Also in that year I storyboarded on a game called, "Rise To Honor", a Jet Li game for Sony Computer Entertainment America, Foster City.

2004- Sony Computer Entertainment America called me back to storyboard on their 2nd upcoming Untitled Jet Li game, and I continued that until the end of 2005. During this time, I also was working on "The Batman" TV series for Warner Bros. Animation.

2006, I joined the team up at Lucasfilm Animation, storyboarding on their Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series.

2007, I have been promoted to Episodic Director at Lucasfilm Animation, and directing episodes on Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. Check out my video profile on starwars.com.

2013, I'm back at Lucasfilm Animation as Episodic Director on Star Wars: Rebels .

Examples of my professional work are in the "Animation", "Frames", and "Storyboards" section of the menu to the left.